Angelo's puppy and dog food recipe

Finally something for you to work with. This 'dog' food is very good for Humans too. I shall list suppliers at the bottom. Please confirm receipt. Thanks.

- Photos to follow

As you can see I don't muck about when only the best will do. Have researched and experimented with this for many months. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions...

The important thing is: stick to the recipe. There is nothing worse than having to chuck out your 'experiment' because the dogs won't eat it. So stick to the recipe.


Green Super Smoothie version 2

Green Super Smoothie Ingedients

It is time for an update on my original Green Smoothie recipe/formula. Much has changed, we have learned a lot and tastes have certainly matured but the basic concepts remain the same; our Green Super Smoothie is still based on the idea that every one of us needs a good dose of a range of 'Super Foods' in their most natural. fresh and organic form every day.


Green Smoothy Recipe

Green Smoothy ingredients listed below are Certified Organic where possible and have all been obtained from reputable Australian suppliers (as listed) in Kilogram lots.

All ingredients are, of course, optional and subject to availability. I do believe however that the health and vitality benefits derived from this mix of ingedients far exceeds the sum of the benefits ascribed to the ingredients individually.

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